Who Are We

Move Your Body is an organization that focuses on teaching the proper ways to do yoga. We are a fitness center which have other classes as well like zumba but we focus more on yoga and meditation. Come give our classes a try today.

Our Values

With yoga you can discover about your body more. Learn about how different stretches which help different parts of the body. And if you're able to do all the stretches it will help your whole body.

We make sure to attend to everyone in the class as different people have different body abilities and we'll assist those who have a harder time.

Yoga is about stretching those inactive muscles to make them more flexible. Therefore, there is bound to be some pain and you should bare how much pain you can but do not overdo the stretching as it may cause your muscles to tear

We aim to make yoga a fun and relaxing activity. The main goal is to make your body more flexible and mobile but it takes time so don't rush the process. Yoga is about slow and correct movements with proper breathing.