Our babies are sensitive to the stimuli around them. They are sensitive to the rays of the sun, which is why putting thick baby clothes and possibly even applying sunscreen on their bodies are a must.

They are also sensitive to touch, which is why you want to supervise them whenever they are playing with their toys and just about anything they can get their hands onto.

But, there are some things that could potentially be dangerous to your babies, which is why a certain brand of baby monitor was recalled. Why was it recalled? Read on to find out.

Lorex Baby Monitors

Products that could put your babies at risk are usually recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. One particular baby monitor has been recalled due to potential burn risks in babies. That particular product is the Lorex Care ‘N’ Share Video Baby Monitor.

Baby monitors, per se, are actually amazingly helpful devices, especially if you leave your babies at the care of their guardians or a babysitter while you are at work.

However, the Lorex Care ‘N’ share Video Baby Monitor has been recalled because it can potentially heat up to dangerous levels and may cause burns on your toddler.

Apparently, the problem is due to the monitor’s internal batteries which have the potential to overheat and cause swelling. When this happens, it will expand and will force the battery cover to come off as a result.

The exposed battery, although less likely to explode, can still pose a threat to your baby, especially since it can potentially lead to minor or severe burns of left there.

According to news reports and complaints received by the commission, more than 500 people have reported such incidents. As a measure to help mitigate and prevent this, the company, Lorex, has now issued a massive recall of their baby monitor units.

What Can You Do if You Have One?

If you have bought some Lorex Baby monitors and you want to know if your particular product is part of the recalled units, inspect the back of the product and look for model numbers that start with: WL4320, WL3520, and WL3401. If you happen to have either one of these, you can contact the company and ask for a refund.