How do you view sex? It is just an activity of procreation where you only do it whenever
you and your partner mutually agree to have a baby? Or, do you deem it as a sexually
satisfying and fulfilling event that allows both partners to express their love for each
other in a physical way?

Well, no matter how you view sex, it is always much better if you can last longer.
Women typically do not have a problem with this as their bodies are primed for the long
stretch, but for men, not so much.

A man can be mired with conditions such as premature ejaculation which can suddenly
stop the said activity without a moment’s notice.

It is a condition that is defined as a man’s inability to control their ejaculatory impulses,
resulting in ‘coming off’ way too soon (less than two minutes or so).

So, what can be done to solve the issue? For one thing, taking male enhancement
supplements do help, provided that you consult your doctor about it.

If you are not comfortable in taking such supplements, then you can turn to food
instead. There are foods that are known to help increase sexual stamina and in this
article, I will highlight some of the most popular ones.


There is a reason why Africans deem dark chocolate as one of the most potent
aphrodisiacs out there and that is thanks to its ability to produce more serotonin for the

Serotonin is actually responsible for giving us a much better mood. That is also the
reason why a lot of women eat dark chocolate just a few hours before sex.

So, what is in it for men? Serotonin can actually improve a man’s libido because it is
also responsible for ramping up testosterone production. Testosterone, as you know, is
the male’s main sex hormone so increasing it improves sexual drive in men.


People who want to eat hash browns and French fries would love this. Potatoes are a
great source of carbohydrates which can give you a lot of energy, especially during sex.
Keep in mind that it only contains simple carbohydrates, which means that you may
have to up your intake of it as much as possible.


A lot of people instantly assume that consuming a lot of eggs can be bad for your
health. Sure, if you eat the entire thing (including the yolk). In reality, you actually want
to consume the yolk as well.

You see, eggs are rich in protein which, when converted by the body, turns into amino
acids which are the building blocks of muscle.

One particular amino acid, Arginine, is responsible for optimal blood flow in all of the
areas in the body. This also includes a man’s penis as well.

The good thing is that eggs can be used in a variety of ways. You can make an omelet,
add it to your other meals, and you can even make desserts as well!