What is the exact difference between a homepage and landing page? Oftentimes, people get confused by these terms.

What is a homepage?

This is your website’s main page, or default starting page. Oftentimes, it’s the page visitors get to see first. It also introduces other website areas.

The purpose of the homepage? It is used to encourage visitors to learn new things about your business and brand. From there, you can take them to the products and services page, where you can entice them to make a purchase. So you should ensure that your website developer understands just what exactly you want from your website.

The Different Kinds of Homepages

The Informational Homepage
contains pieces of information about your services, what your business does, and client reviews.

The Shop Homepage
designed to convince people to click product categories, and eventually make a purchase.

The News or Blog Homepage
Contemplate on the content and elements that you want to include in your homepage. Remember that different websites and homepages serve various purposes.

When should you use a homepage?

A website should have a homepage all the time. You wouldn’t want your visitors to land on disorganized files and articles. Your website is an effective marketing tool that can showcase your unique offerings. Be up to date and relevant. By maintaining a high-quality website, you can put your best foot forward.