I often get asked which affiliate marketing niches they should focus on when they are still starting out. Well, this is a fairly tricky question to answer because just about any popular niche can be profitable.

I would still advise people to choose niches that they are passionate about so that they can create content quite easily. However, if you are okay with going with the best and most profitable, read further to find out the most evergreen niches in affiliate marketing.


I think it is safe to assume that every one of us wants to live forever. I mean, that is why stem cell research is well-funded simply because of its purported abilities that will help us live longer, healthier lives.

That being said, the health industry is always going to be one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing simply because of the notion that I said earlier.

Now, what are some likely products that you are going to promote if you are going to focus on this niche? Here are just some of them:

  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Weight-loss Pills
  • Insomnia treatment
  • Diabetic Recipes
  • Testosterone boosters
  • Diet plans
  • Smoking alternatives or programs that can help people quit smoking
  • Vegan recipes
  • Healthy cooking
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Libido boosters
  • Bodybuilding Supplements
  • And so much more

Diet plans, healthy supplements, and bodybuilding supplements are the top three products that affiliate marketers should focus on first if they are still starting out.

As you get more comfortable, you can then start producing content that promotes other health products as well.


Who doesn’t want to get rich? The financial and wealth industry is another evergreen niche that tackles industries such as gambling, lottery, internet/digital marketing, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, and other business and investment opportunities.

The gambling industry alone has amassed more than $35 million dollars in online gambling alone in 2016 and it is expected to rise in popularity in the near future.

How about the Forex industry? Well, foreign exchange trades over $5.1 trillion a day and that is definitely a lot of money.

Some products and services that you can promote when you decide to focus on this niche are as follows:

  • Online gambling services
  • Amazon FBA
  • Making money online schemes
  • Mobile app development
  • Online jobs
  • Wealth and retirement
  • Among many others

Romance and Dating

There is a reason why Tinder and other mobile dating apps have become quite popular in this day and age and that is because people are always on a constant search for ‘the one’.

According to a report published by StatisticsBrain, more than 49 million people in the U.S. alone spent money on online dating apps; whether it be for hookups or formal dating.

That being said, most of the things that you can promote here are services, though there are some eBooks and other reading materials that can be sold as well.


The evergreen niches that I’ve outlined in this article are never going out of style. If you want to start your affiliate marketing career the right way, focusing on either of these niches does make sense.