I have traveled to many different cities all around the world and I’ve also book plenty of hotels and airbnbs as well. I can definitely say many things about choosing the ideal hotel for you.
In fact, Hotels.com has conducted a study to find out what travelers usually look for when booking a hotel and the results might surprise you.

Whether you are going to get a girl escort service in Kuala Lumpur or even doing extreme sports and bungee jumping, you will have to find a place to stay in.

In today’s article, I will talk about some of the most important things to look for when booking a hotel room.

Friendly and Accommodating Hotel Staff

According to the study by hotel.com, friendly hotel staff ranks the second when it comes to making people happy during their stay.

I guess that this reinforces the notion that humans, by nature, are social creatures. Perhaps one reason for this is that we want to be greeted when we arrive at the premises and we also want to be bid farewell when we leave.

I also echo this because it really helps you enjoy your stay when the hotel staff is pretty accommodating. Whenever I want something and I talk to one of the personnel, they are willing to assist you in any way possible.

That is why there is no doubt that this deserves a spot on the list.


In the same study, hotel cleanliness is actually the first and most important thing that travelers look for in a hotel. I mean, who wants to stay in a place that is dirty and is filled with things that you do not want, right?

The good thing about looking for a hotel nowadays is that people are able to leave their reviews on hotel booking websites. This will allow you to know if the particular hotel is clean or not.

Comfy and Cozy Bed

I consider this to be the most important just next to the two I’ve mentioned above. A comfy and cozy bed is something that could potentially make or break your stay in the hotel.

Whether it is a single, double, or king-sized bed, you want to be in really comfortable when lying down. I even once stayed in a hotel that provided me with the avenue to choose different pillows to suit my taste!

Good Location

Another important consideration when choosing a hotel, you want to be in a hotel that is in a favorable location for you. But, keep in mind that because you are in a new place, there might be things that you are not able to prepare for.

For instance, I’ve once stayed in a hotel where I thought would be the best location for me to get public transport. It turned out that it wasn’t the case as the hotel was in a one-way route, which meant that I had to travel 1 kilometer by foot to get some public transport.

Be sure to always find information about the place a particular hotel is in so that you will know if it is the right one for you or not.

Good Value

We used to believe this notion that if a hotel is expensive that it would already give us the best experience possible. That is actually not true. In fact, I’ve paid what was considered a hotel that is priced in the middle tier and it provided me with one of my best experiences possible as opposed to paying those more ‘premium’ hotels. That is what I consider good value.