Don’t forget about the children.

If you are allowing kids on your wedding reception, don’t forget to bring provisions in order to keep all of them occupied. You can set up a different table for them, with coloring books, picture books and board games.

Pick a good wedding reception venue.

This is one of the most important wedding reception tips out there. You need to choose a venue that is perfect for you and your guests. Always keep your wedding budget in mind.

Focus on the details.

Are you thinking of that beautiful pair of shoes from that bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur? Evaluate the details thoroughly to make sure that it is worth the price. As for other wedding necessities like personalized menus, napkins and guest books, choose the pieces that will make a big difference on your wedding party’s execution.

Always have a backup plan.

You can never stop mother nature from wreaking havoc on that special day. She is always in control, no matter what. This is the reason why it’s crucial to have a backup plan, most especially if you are having an outdoor wedding.

Get some assistance.

You can’t plan everything on your own. Remember that you have a wedding planner and the venue staff to assist you with everything you need.

End the party at the right time.

Never go overboard with time. It’s absolutely exciting to host a lavish wedding party, it’s true that some guests may feel tired by the day’s end. Stick to a specific timeline of about 5 hours. This would allow your visitors to mingle, dine and enjoy themselves without getting too exhausted.