An Easy UI Is What Everyone Needs

If you want your mobile app to be successful, its navigation needs to make it predictable and intuitive during, those are what  app designers should aim. Returning and new users must be able to figure out how to navigate around it smoothly. However, making navigation accessible and discoverable is a challenge for many. This is because of the limitations imposed by small screens. Below are some basic navigation patterns you can consider.

Gesture-Based Navigation

Smartphones and other mobile devices are rapidly dominating the digital landscape. Along with this, gesture instantly become more popular among app designers. In fact, there are platforms now which are designed specifically for gesture controls.

Hamburger Menu

Digital real estate is crucial. At this day and age, screen space is considered as a precious commodity. Because of this, it’s wiser now to utilize hamburger menus. Hamburger menus are popular mobile navigation patterns that will help you prioritize your main app content.

Tab Bar

Tab bar is a design pattern which is inherited from the designs of desktops. It typically contains few destinations of similar importance.


Help your users navigate around the app. Always keep in mind your user’s persona, and your own goals. How can you achieve your goals? Leverage on navigation so you can reach them.