Baccarat 101: Rules and Strategy

Baccarat is often perceived as a game of sophistication of best online casino Malaysia. But, the truth is, it is an ideal game for the most frugal, less affluent players. For the best bet, the house edge can be as low as 1.06%.

The table for this game is as big as the standard craps table. It is managed by 3 casino employees: 2 dealers taking all the bets from not more than 14 players, and 1 croupier who calls hands, and directs the overall game.

On every side of table, there are 7 numbered positions. This comes with 3 betting options which are associated with every number—tie, player and banker. The goal of the game? Bet on a hand with the biggest total—the best hand has a value of 9.

Baccarat Card Values and Rules

Baccarat 101

  1. The game starts with the banker and player hands. Each of them are dealt 2 cards.
  2. What if the total of both hands is 8 or 9? Then, it is called a natural. The baccarat game is over.
  3. If no hand scored 9 or 8, then the game would proceed.
  4. The player would draw one more card. If the total is 0-5, no card will be drawn. The play will now continue with the banker.
  5. What if the banker’s hand totals 9, 8 or 7? Then, the banker would not take one more card.
  6. If the first 2 cards of the banker totals 1, 0 or 2? Then, the banker would draw one more card.

Basic Play

Throughout the game, the deal goes around the Baccarat table to every player. The deals would go on as long as the banker wins. Those players who choose the suitable deal can pass the shoe to another player. The players bay bet on the banker or player.

The dealing player would put 2 cards face down. He or she will give the one with the biggest bet 2 cards, face down. The player should look at these 2 cards, then give them back to the person dealing that hand. These cards are then exposed. The croupier would call the total.

The winner will be announced, depending on all the totals.

Baccarat Strategy: How to Win

Baccarat 101In order to assist the players, the tables have pencils and scorecards to monitor the results. Many patrons utilize them with zeal, thoroughly analyzing the game trends.

The best baccarat strategies depends on 2 simple principles—good money management and lower vigorish. If you are determined to improve your skills, develop great money management skills. This would help players keep their wagers in check, allowing them to maximize upswings, and minimize losses.

Baccarat Tips

    1. Don’t be too emotional on every game. Every game involves fortune swings.
    2. Bet smarter, and play intelligently. Manage your money well.
    3. If you are already losing, just let the cash go. Don’t chase all of your investment.
    4. Understand the game properly.