If you’re an iPhone or an Android addict, a Mac or a PC consumer, we all hold the same anxiety: our beloved gadgets will be destroyed, so we’ll have to get started without our images, music, bookmarks, and files. This is the scariest thing. 

We can’t defend your gadgets from any possible consequences, but we can help you with the broadband internet and minimize some of the biggest problems. Here are five tips to keep electronic devices secure.

Evite high temperatures 

Electronic systems like Omron electronic components do not like high temperatures, whether they are hot or cold. They are usually well at temperatures around 32 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit; run or keep devices beyond this limit and you potentially destroy them. First and foremost, don’t lock your devices in your car during the summer or the winter. When you need to keep your gadgets in the car during the summer, place them inside the neoprene shield and safely store them in the bumper or under the floor, where the heat can’t touch them and they’ll remain cooler. When you open your system to elevated temperatures, let it warm up or chill down slowly before you want to use it.

Charge smart 

Deactivate the chargers and portable battery modules after the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging. Overcharging reduces battery capacity and can catch on fire in certain circumstances.

Encase It All 

Anything from your smartphone to your laptop to your Kindle should get its own protective shield to protect it from unintentional drops. How safe a case you want will rely on how much you’re traveling with your system and how crash-prone you are. You can do everything from a simple neoprene sleeve to a full-on OtterBox safeguard. Only make sure you’ve got anything.

Gently Care 

All the rubbing means your displays, keys, and buttons are going to get dirty. Yet don’t be too gung-ho about washing them, or you’re going to cause long term harm. Clean screens with a lightly soaked microfiber towel softly swept across the surface – no intense pressure. Using another microfiber to dry and shine the paint. Use pressurized air to blow the scraps and crud out of the keyboards. 

Safeguarding your data 

Losing or breaking down a gadget is expensive and distressing, but not as unpleasant as missing your invaluable personal documents. To prevent this, make sure that your documentation (including contacts, messages, media, and files) exists in the data center as well as on your gadget. Back it up to your data on a regular basis, and use whatever tools your gadget offers, and authenticate that the backup has been successful. You can also save important files and media to a cloud service, such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. That way, you have a duplicate of your documents which can be preserved to your new or old gadget once it has been corrected.