As the world goes digital, there is now a high demand for businesses to start investing in mobile application development. According to various reports:

In 2020, we are expecting to see more than 280 billion apps being downloaded from various online sources.

Google Play Store would house more than 165 billion apps and iOS is steadily rising and is expecting to hit the 30 billion mark by 2020.

Ads present in mobile apps are 4 out of 5 times more likely to be seen.

More than 60% of people are okay with mobile ads, provided that they can watch video content shortly afterward.

Everything is going mobile now because of the convenience of doing a lot of things while on the go. So, any business can truly benefit from mobile apps. Here are some compelling reasons why business owners should start investing in it:

It is not the Future:it is Already HERE!

Target was one of the first large retailers to create mobile apps and since then, they have seen a steady upward trend. In fact, their sales rose to 200% in just the first 2 years of the implementation of their mobile apps.

Since a lot of people are doing things on mobile now, it is the best time to capitalize on this.

Mobile Apps are a Powerful Branding and Promotional Tool

A lot of people browse the app stores for suitable applications that can prove to be useful for them. Even though they end up not using your app that often, the fact that they have it installed in their devices means that they would take notice of your brand at some point.

Also, it is one of the best promotional tools given that you have the ability to send push notifications to tell potential customers of discounts, promos, and sales that you might have in the near future.

Shift Towards Mobile Payment

People rarely bring their cash with them as they prefer using mobile methods of payment. This can actually benefit both parties. It can benefit the customers because mobile payments are a secure way of paying things and it can benefit businesses because, well, it is also secure for them in the sense that they are assured that they will get the money in their coffers.

Keep in Touch with Customers

Websites were a thing back in the day. People would turn on their computers, search for stuff online, and then buy it from there.

However, as we move towards a more mobile lifestyle, apps have become the perfect place for them to do business because of its ease of use and convenience.

Suppose that a person decides to get travel tickets, they would just fire an app, choose their destination, and book tickets directly from their phone.

This way, you can keep in touch with your customers in a much more efficient way since an application is a direct way for you to do business with them.

Maximizes Sales and Increases Revenue

Remember when I said earlier that Target increased their sales to about 200% since they’ve launched their mobile app? Even though might not reach that level, you’re still going to maximize your sales and increase your revenue by launching your own company’s app.